Open Doors Summit

October 26–27, 2023 Seattle (Southcenter), WA

Community Partnerships for Reengagement Initiative (CPRI)

The Community Partnerships for Reengagement Initiative (CPRI) is a collaboration between Education Northwest and the Washington state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program. Open Doors is a systemic, statewide approach to providing academic and career opportunities for young people in Washington who are severely credit deficient. The purpose of the CPRI is to use data to promote shared learning across the Open Doors system and nationally about promising youth reengagement practices and program models that promote positive outcomes for young people. Education Northwest works closely with an advisory committee of local and national experts to identify practices and strategies that make a youth reengagement program effective and successful. This project is funded by Ballmer Group and Kaiser Permanente of Washington.

The CPRI will share the following work at the Open Doors Summit. CPRI partners National League of Cities and Achieving the Dream will facilitate interactive sessions to identify opportunities to support programs statewide in continuous learning and improvement.


We developed a statewide Open Doors Theory of Action in collaboration with the CPRI advisory committee, the Open Doors steering committee, and programs across the state.


We analyzed program and student data (2016–2021) to understand the short- and long-term outcomes for each program site across the state. Read our summary report of the statewide trends.


In spring 2023, evaluators visited six Open Doors sites (two in each pathway) to profile programs with evidence of promising student outcomes. Profiles will include both qualitative and quantitative information.

For more information about the CPRI, please contact Julie Petrokubi.

Advisory Committee Members

  • Susan Adams, SkillSource
  • Laura DiZazzo, Northwest Education Access
  • Troy Goracke, State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
  • Jamalia Jones, King County
  • Stephanie Malia Krauss, Independent Consultant
  • Nick Mathern, Achieving the Dream
  • Mick Miller, ESD 101
  • Andrew Moore, National League of Cities
  • Rhett Nelson, OPSI
  • Mandy Paradise, OSPI
  • Emily Scott, OSPI
  • Laurie Shannon, Independent Consultant
  • Nicole Yohalem, Independent Consultant


This summit is being made possible by the Community Partnerships for Reengagement Initiative, which is funded by the Ballmer Group and Kaiser Permanente.

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